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A recently recovered drug addict tries to start her new lease on life, too bad life has it out for her.  This drama follows Marisol through the ups and downs of her life.


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Five months after the Season 1 finale, Marisol is shakily finding the new rhythms of life.

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Well, things are certainly progressing in a rapid and concerning fashion.

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Marisol and Nina are going to jump the broom!

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Marisol and a new friend perform a good deed. And a morally ambiguous one.

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People ask too many questions, and the past is too intent on being in the present.


Things have fallen apart.

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Marisol has to make a choice though it doesn't feel like much of a choice at all.

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Dinner with the future in-laws is very awkward for a variety of reasons.

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A long coming conversation is held

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Changed and Never-Changed, Marisol continues on

What Are People Saying

Good Pointe

Small Victories knows when to be blunt and when to be cutting, and the dialogue is always sharp and on point. The Pilot episode made me laugh out loud at 7am, clap to myself in an empty living room and instantly care about the journey the protagonist was about to endure. Give the first episode a listen and I guarantee you’ll be hooked. -Apple Podcasts

Wil Willams

"Small Victories is a new fiction podcast to 2022 I can't stop thinking about." -Tink Media's Audio Delciacies

Tal Minear

Small Victories will have you laughing just as much as it will have you yelling at the protagonist, Marisol. Her occasionally unwise decisions (putting it generously) and self-sabotage (putting it less generously) are sometimes too relatable, but that only serves to make her feel more real and make you more invested.....Fans of snappy writing, quick wits, Black Bisexual leads, hilarious moments, and/or just generally a good time will love Small Victories. -DiscoverPods, The Best Podcasts of 2022 (So Far)


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