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Our Mission

WGC Productions promises to provide a high-quality experience and strong community for its consumers, and to the artists, we promise an environment where they can expand, experiment, and innovate. 

Our Vision

WGC Productions strives to build a global community of passionate creators and passionate enjoyers of art.

Our Values


We believe every choice that we make, big or small, has to focus on supporting the communities we belong to. All of our other values stem from this, our first and most important value. 

Prioritize Integrity

We will strive to make decisions that honor the trust our community has placed in us. We will adhere to our values simply because it is who we are. 

Dig Deep

We will go beyond the surface level and investigate and explore the ideas that our work raises.

Embrace Audacity

We will embrace the bold, fresh, and audacious ideas that come when one digs deep into art. We feel that embracing audacity is how we can produce content that resonates and impacts our community. 

Fail Fast. Recover Faster

We will not be disheartened by our mistakes. Making new and audacious work necessitates failure, we will embrace and learn from this failure so that we can continue to improve and learn how to better serve our community. 

Be A Life-Long Learner

We will pursue knowledge so we are able to make informed and sensitive business decisions. 

Future Focused

We will make sustainable decisions that will allow us to serve our community for as long as possible. It's just that simple. 

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