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Available Services

Script Consultation

We are dedicated to telling stories whether they are fiction or non-fiction. As script consultants, we will assess scripts and return detailed and profound structural notes that will elevate the script's areas of opportunity.

Podcast Launch Support

We will help you bring your idea to life through development, recording, post-production, and distribution.

 Audio Production Support

Many people can have a fantastic show concept, but they can reach a wall when confronting the technical elements. Our Audio Production Support can arm with all the information you need in order to ensure you have a professional and sleek sounding show.


If you have an idea for a fiction podcast, and you need someone to write we will assign a member of our team to write your show while taking comprehensive notes from you, to ensure we execute your vision.

Creative Production Support

Our creative production support is focused on developing broad and structural ideas for the show overall. This service is available to fiction and non-fiction podcasts.


To discuss price and what we can do for you, send us a message!

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