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A Picture of Jade Madison Scott
A Picture of Me (Jade Madison Scott)

Howdy! So, my name is Jade (Jade Madison Scott if we’re being fancy) and about five years ago I came up with the idea for WGC Productions (though it was still called With Good Co. back then). In the not quite halcyon days of 2016, I was just a girl with a blog that no one had really heard of writing about entertainment. You have to understand this was all one big setup to create a platform that would make my work more attractive to produce (I’m a playwright and playwrights need as much social capital as possible to make any sort of living in this current entertainment economy). This went on for a year before I decided that I would much rather produce my own works than wait for someone to say that I am worth taking a risk on. And thus With Good Co was reborn as WGC Productions.

So, I love podcasts. In fact, I’ve always had a love for radio. I mean, like an “I-can-recite episodes-of-The-Saint-from-memory-and-tell-you-the-inner-dynamics-of-the-Jack-Benny-Show-cast” kind of love. When I first started listening to modern podcasts I would spend all my time just consuming my favorite shows. I can not tell you how many hours I have spent listing to You Must Remember This. And don’t get me started on how much I love audio dramas, we’d be here all day. Also, as a Black American, podcasts always felt like the natural extension of the emphasis my culture places on oral communication and storytelling, so it only felt natural that WGC’s first step as a production company would be to produce podcasts.

I’m a dreamer so I immediately jumped into figuring out how to build the big and bombastic productions I saw in my mind’s eye. SPACE OPERA! PIRATES! ADVENTURE! I’m also a writer so this impulse was followed by intense typing and world-building. The summer after I rebranded WGC, I spent 12 hour days writing on a computer. And even though I did get a lot of work done that summer I knew that type of life was not sustainable in the least bit.

You see, I’m a theater student at Howard University which has a wonderfully challenging program that demands a lot of my time, so, while I might be able to pull long days in the summer, I needed to find new methods for the Fall and Spring. While I was going through this process of brainstorming and calculating and working, I found myself wishing that I had someone that I could talk to who was going through the same thing. THAT’S WHEN IT HIT ME!

I want to make a podcast by and for young up-and-coming artists and professionals. This was the birth of On Their Way, our flagship podcast which is coming this August.

It was really important for me as a writer and business owner, to see other people who did what I wanted to do. (I spent so much time wandering around the Oprah exhibit in the Smithsonian of African American History and Culture, you would not believe.) But when you only see the insanely successful, it can become really difficult to find the value and pride in your own journey. You want to start big and finish bigger, which makes the fact that you have to start small feel disappointing. That’s why I made this blog.

Every Monday this blog gives you an honest update on the development of WGC. From the production of the shows to the development of marketing plans to the way we make it sustainable, no topic is off-limits! I can only hope that these blogs and their spiritual twin, On Their Way, will help all of us up-and-coming creators feel more attached to each and more connected to our craft.

We all have to start somewhere, we might as well start together.

Jade Madison Scott is the founder of WGC Productions

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