The Love That Made Me.

John Donne. He made some points sometimes

In five days the first episode of On Their Way available to listen to and, as a result, I want to take today’s’ post to thank all the people who have poured into me and supported my dreams and visions. They are the reason something like this can even exist, and I am so lucky to have people like them in my life. Life really is like that John Donne poem:

No man is an island entire of himself.

God: This one feels self-explanatory.

My Mom: She has been so supportive from the jump. I can always ask her questions or ask for her opinion and she gives a completely honest answer. Never one to mince words, she will tell me when something just doesn’t work and she’ll be there when I come up with a better alternative. WGC would be nothing without her continual love and support.

My Family: No one can take risks if they are lacking basic survival needs. So thanks to my family who always made sure that I was okay when I could not provide for myself.

Howard University’s Department of Theater Arts: Going to Howard was one of the best decisions I could have made. The department of theater arts is so nurturing and supportive. I quite literally could not have saved up enough funding to start WGC if Dr. Abiola had not selected me to work with her on her Africana Theater and Dance Collection grant project. Without the training of Professor Harris and Professor Douglas-Hendricks would I have the same grasp on marketing and production? If I hadn’t taken Professor Harris’ advice of “running to the work” would I have been involved in so many projects which allowed me to be around the very artists that are featured in season 1 of One Their Way? If not for Professor Ramon and Professor Hart’s continual support, would I have the same amount of confidence? My constant exposure to Professors Ruffin, Bey, Lamar, and Bowles allowed me to soak in new ways to see art. My long talks with Ms. Janet, Ms. DeNeal, and Ms. Odessa expanded my views of the world. My time around Mama Pat, Profesor Issacs, and Professor Zackery provided me with examples of the type of work a person deeply in tune with their craft can produce. My classes with Professor Gomes, Professor Washington-Brown, Tony, and Step, taught me how to improve with grace and dignity. And being around all of my lovely and deeply talented peers ignited such a fire under me. I can honestly say that the ways in which the Department of Theater Arts has poured into me can be directly seen in WGC.

Will: My best friend in the entire world, he has always been ready and eager to give an encouraging word and as well as an attentive ear. No matter how many projects he is working on at the time, he always makes sure to ask about WGC and I am so happy to call him my friend.

My Friends: I don’t know what my life would be like if I didn’t have the much-needed levity of friendship. My friends keep me sane. Just being around them allows me to de-stress and think about myself as an individual rather than a ~creator~. It’s hard to be good at anything when you don’t feel like a person, but my friends are always there to remind me that I am a person first and I appreciate that.

As I go through the rest of my time producing On Their Way and other shows, I will always keep these people in mind, because without them I would not be who I am today.

Jade Madison Scott is the founder of WGC Productions.

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