The Gal And The Clothes

Hey everybody! Remember how in last week’s Monday post I said that I was trying to dress in my regular clothes rather than my pandemic wear to see if I felt more invigorated? Well, that’s what I did and it both did and didn’t work. Let’s get into it shall we?

What Worked?

I think a real plus side to dressing up to meet my day was that my day’s regained a sense of time. Before this little experiment, I would shower at night, wake up in the morning, change into a different set of pajamas and then go about my day. I would alternate through the same three pajamas sets for the week, clean them on the weekends, and then continue the pattern next week. Waking up in the same place, wearing the same clothes, doing the same things, created one large never ending day. It’s as if each time I went to sleep I was simply taking a nap, only to continue to the day's tasks when I woke up. By taking the time each morning to shower and pick out new clothes it was as if I had created a distinctive start to my day start to my day. I even took the time to make myself breakfast each morning before I started working, because that’s what I used to do before the pandemic.

In addition to wearing more formal clothes, I also made strides to exercise and eat better. It can be argued that the clothing did not inspire me to exercise and eat and be more efficient, but I do think it created a sense of accomplishment that encouraged me as I did other things. Waking up each morning with a laundry list of tasks can be overwhelming, but when I woke up and took that shower and got dressed it felt like I had already crossed something off the list. Starting out the day with a small victory prepared me to achieve the rest.

What Didn’t Work

One thing that I really wanted out of this clothing experiment was some sort of massive energy boost. Pre-pandemic I’d wake up at 6am and be able to be high functioning for at least 17 hours straight. Now I wake up and an hour later I'm tired. Call me foolish, but I really hoped that getting dressed each morning would somehow imbue me with the energy and vibrancy that I used to have this time last year. Could getting dressed each morning truly change the flow of energy in my body? Could it all be that simple?

The answer of course was no. No, getting dressed would not fuel me like an aesthetically pleasing granola bar. However, after some reflection I found the reason it didn't work was rather simple. This time last year I was playing basketball, hiking up mountains, hanging out with my new friends, eating very well, drinking lots of water, and exploring Los Angeles. My brain and body were stimulated beyond belief! I was taking in so much new information, it was blissful. Now, I’m lucky if I can get out of the house and walk around for an hour. I am still eating well, but my water intake can fluctuate based upon if I remember to fill my bottle consistently. And I am somehow mentally taking in too much and too little at the same time.

The pandemic really shifted the amount of mental stimulation I experienced on the minute-by-minute basis. If not for WGC I don’t know what I’d be doing or how I’d be coping. Clothes were never going to fix that. Clothes can’t fix the conditions of a pandemic and it was unrealistic of me to expect them to. Things are different. Things are going to stay different and expecting to be able to do things as if this was pre-pandemic living is rather unfair of me.

I'm still gonna dress up though. I think it's fun and it brings me a sense of joy and accomplishment and those feelings ought not be taken for granted.

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