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I find science and creativity have a lot of overlap. Okay, perhaps not A LOT of overlap, but somethings really are universal, like this old adage: matter can not be created or destroyed only changed. Now, you might recognize this as the Law of Conservation of Mass, which, barring the open systems that can exist in special relativity, is a truly universal constant. I find that this exists in the creative realm as well. Everything that I write or produce or edit comes is synthesized from the content I consume, so today I’m gonna tell you a little bit about what I am taking in so you might be able to predict what I’ll be puting out.


  • Needlepaw by Nai Palm

  • Easily one of my favorite albums of all time. I have listened to this more times than I can count. It's so smooth and loving. Like you can hear the love in each track. The sheer affection and tenderness that can be found in each syllable is *chef's kiss*. Also the lyricism and dynamic images that the lyrics create make the song rich and it adds to the need to re-listen. I still hear and feel new things with each listen of the album.

  • Melting by Mamamoo

  • One of my favorite albums by one of my favorite groups. This is a bit of a nostalgic album for me. When I was younger I was big into K-pop, and Mamamoo was my ultimate bias group (pardon my stan language). I can still remember waking up at 4:30 am just to hear their first live concert being streamed from South Korea. For me, Melting is not only a good album full of smooth bossanova and sharp pop bangers, but it is also a time capsule to a precious moment in my life.


  • A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie.

  • I just finished this two days ago and I was so excited to figure out the mystery before the reveal! I love cozy murder mysteries. They have such presence and atmosphere, it is so easy to get wrapped up in it's world.

  • One Hundred Years of Solitude (Cien Años De Soledad) by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez is my guy. He does such a fantastic job of weaving all parts of humanity together. Not only is the physical very tangible in his world, but the metaphysical and supernatural and just as concrete. Not only does his use of Magical Realism expand the imagination, but it also provides the right words and feelings needed to reflect on painful and nostalgic pasts.


  • Nice White Parents

  • This podcast does a good job of building story and finding narrative through audio documentary techniques. It makes me consider the lives and mindsets of people who are different from me and for that reason I like it.

  • Unwell

  • Spooky-Midwest-Gothic-Mystery is possible the best thing I've ever heard ever, so Unwell is really THE show for me. It has endearing characters, deeply evocative emotional struggles (I'm a sucker for mom-daughter relationships), and a genuinely compelling mystery. I want to solve the underlying sinister plot. I want to know why things don't make sense. The show makes me want things and that fascinates me.


  • Glee (FOX 2009-2015)

  • Oddly enough Glee is the only thing I am watching, my friend and I have a firm date to watch it each Saturday. I was not a die-hard Gleek during the actual airing of the show (it started when I was nine and not a single thing in that show is fit for a nine-year-old's consumption, but now that I am watching it and consuming all of the, as Santana would say, "wanky" shenanigans, I can say that the first three seasons really are masterpieces of satire with heart.

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