'On Their Way' Bonus Episodes!

An Image of Beyonce wearing a Howard Sweater
Look, Ma! Beyoncé's wearing my Alma Mater's sweater!

Fun fact: I start recording the “On Their Way” bonus episodes this week. I am pretty excited about it too, on account of the fact that the people that I’m gonna interview are terribly interesting people with great talent and drive.

As you may already know, the first season of On Their Way was centered around Black Excellence and Howard University. As someone who is both Black and a Howard University student, it only seemed right and fair that the first season center around these two things which have been seminal to my development as a person and artist. Ultimately, 'On Their Way: Season 1' featured Black guests who, with two exceptions, all went to Howard University.

Picking the guests for the first season was difficult, because, as Beyoncé once said, “there is so much damn swag.” Howard, in particular, attracts and produces people with so much shine and potential that they can’t help but be illustrious. It only seems right, that the bonus episodes continue to show off some of the sheer excellence that exists at good ol’l HU.

I record three interviews this week. Wish me luck! And email me at to let me know what industries you’d be interested in hearing about. I want to make sure you’re incorporated at every part of the process, after all, part of the fun of making art is sharing it with you!

The first episode debuts on November 27, 2020. There will be a total of 5 episodes.

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