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The On Their Way Logo. An ambiguous figure walking through a field on a path that is being painted by a large painbrush.
The On Their Way Logo created by the delightful Amaka Korie

In less than a month On Their Way will be available for people to listen to. This is a fact that both excites me beyond belief and also renders me to a state of queasy anticipation. The day is coming. It’s practically here and there is still so much to do. It’s a peculiar sort of feeling, not because it’s left me with a low hum of anxious energy, though it has, but also because I feel unstuck in time. Everything feels like it’s moving so fast, and I know that I have a hand in contributing to that because I am struggling to simply be in the moment.

On some level, I get it. I’ve been waiting to produce a show under the WGC banner since I created WGC. And I have tried to produce a podcast under this banner before (it was an audio drama taht I'd written 27 episodes for before I realized I was currently unable to produce it) so being so close to debuting On Their Way feels like a massive personal victory, and I’m very eager to be able to fully feel that victory.

To me, sharing art is the most precious part of my artistic process. When I’ve had my plays produced in the past, the times I felt the happiest and proudest were when people laughed at the jokes I’d written (it really validated the fact that I think I’m funny) and when they’d come up after the show to talk to me about their theories and interpretations of the story. Even as I write this now, the same sense of joy washes over me. I love it so much. And since I’ve never produced my own work, I can only imagine the sense of accomplishment that will come when I put On Their Way out there for all to see. I am counting down the days till August 7th. This, however, is shaping itself up to be a kind of problem.

As the creator, producer, host, and editor for On Their Way, I spend a lot of time working on the show. Each morning I take the time to assure that the show will be prompt and of high-quality and sometimes it is very difficult to be in the moment and find joy in creating and working on a project I love. Every now and then it’ll creep up on me. I’ll find myself smiling as I record an interview or I’ll feel an immense sense of pride well in my chest as I edit out the numerous “ums” from an episode, but for the most part, I work and then all of the sudden it’s night outside and I have to go to sleep.

I’m trying to be more mindful of the moment. When I get into an editing flow, I take a few minutes to soak into the feeling of what I am doing and how cool a younger me would feel if they knew this is what they’d get to do someday. When I record my interviews I feel giddy because I get to hear about other people and everything feels sharp and focused. I’m even trying to take more active tactics to center myself int the moment (thanks, mediation), but that feeling of “being present” can go away after a few minutes, and would really like it if it didn’t do that.

Ultimately, I really want to know what you do to stay present because I really really want to be aware of the work and the process that I get to do. Do you have the same problem as me? If so, we can share the things that we do that seem to work, and hopefully, that will help us both. If you are consistently mindful, please share how you managed to get there. I’d love to learn from you!

Jade Madison Scott is the founder of WGC Productions

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