I'm....On My Way.

(This week we had an ad debut in the first episode of the Sounds Profitable podcast. So do listen and support!)

Howdy! This week the focus is all about On Their Way Season 2. We are officially 18 days away from the debut and I find that infinitely exciting. I have already recorded 40% of the season, and I can definitely tell that my work for last season and the systems I have created are greatly helping me. When I speak of "the system", I'm speaking about the booking, recording, and editing processes specifically.

Initially, I determine the kinds of people that I think will be interesting to you guys, I then go on the hunt for people who can fill those categories while fitting the themes of the season. Upon finding the guest, I email them and begin my research using all available digital media I can find on them. We then conduct the interview and I being editing the audio. I use Descript for transcripts. I can't speak to what other's do for their podcasts, but I find that this currently serves me the best.

The streamlined nature of the production process has taken the load off of my shoulders in a way. You see, I am in my last semester of undergrad so my attention is currently pulled in several different directions. While this is a wonderful way for me to exercise my time management skills, it can impede my ability to give WGC all the time I need. Having structure helps keep everything manageable, this feels a little on the nose, but it's a discovery for me and I'm proud of that.

There's a lot I'm proud of with On Their Way Season 2. This season, with one exception, is full of guests that I've never met before. I talked to strangers and interviewed them and that makes me happy, but it allows everything to feel like it is bigger than myself and circle. I feel that this season I asked deep and more structured questions that will greatly help anyone who listens, which is fantastic because having my work connect with people is what drives me. I also feel that it lets my city shine. I love Tampa so much and I'm glad to celebrate it publicly.

Being proud of the work is what moves me to create. Since the creation of WGC I have seen the possibilities of what it could be, what it could do for Tampa. and the kind of global platform it could one day be (I love a dream). Sometimes I see so much of the possible future that the present seems dull. It's easy to get lost in the big picture, which is why when I sit down at my desk and send out emails or record episodes or edit tracks I take time to smile, thank God, and acknowledge that I am doing exactly what I want to be doing. I'm doing the work I want to do, making art I want to make and that fuels me. I hope you have something that does that for you too. A passion that whether it's big or small, you are glad to be doing it. It's an emotionally and spiritually satisfying thing.

Welp! I'm also working on some other projects (some you won't see until next year and some which will come up in a few months), but right now it's all On Their Way all the time. Mark you calendars for the 19th! I'll catch you next week same place and same time.

Jade Madison Scott (she/her) is the Founder of WGC Productions.

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