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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

A picture of a sunrise dotted with hot air balloons
Before I felt like lightening but now I feel like a sunrise.

The train has left the station! On Their Way has debuted and WGC is officially a functioning production company. The dream I started when I was 16 is finally here, though it is different than when I started. It all feels so good. When I think of the different iterations WGC has been through and I all of the work I've invested, I get so giddy. I did it and I get to keep doing it.

One of our founding principles is sustainability. I chose this because I think that creating emotional, mental, and physical sustainability is the key to facilitating the rise of a long-term business. I don’t want WGC to go the way of Icarus. I want WGC to eventually be an institution in Tampa, my home town, that provides creative resources to all of the immensely talented people down here who may not get those opportunities elsewhere. My dreams and visions for WGC don’t lend themselves to a short-term mentality.

The reason I’m bringing this up is that I am currently planning the next three shows for WGC, which is sort of odd. I mean, I spent all this time getting one show up, and not even a week after I released the first episode I am drawing up budgets and production calendars for other shows. Not to mention, I go back to school in a few weeks and that will certainly affect my schedule. I’m wondering how I can balance everything. I’m trying to determine what my days will look like. I’m doing a lot of introspection on what sort of precedent this will set. It excites me though.

Even though I know it will be stressful sometimes and I know that I’ll occasionally get frustrated or disappointed, I’m still really excited. I’m excited that I get to do something that stretches me. I’m excited that even though I’ll inevitability fail at some point in this process, I will get learn. I’m excited to experiment. I’m excited to grow. I’m excited to collaborate. I’m excited to expand the WGC community. There is just so much to look forward to and I am eager for it all. I guess that’s how I know I’m in the right business.

I guess this whole post is just out to say that this week I am a different type of excited. When I was gearing up to launch On Their Way, I was bristling with the pent-up energy that comes with firsts. A reckless and boundless sort of energy that is overflowing with eagerness and barely restrained impatience. The energy I feel at this very moment is more careful and measured. To be a little cliche, I’m preparing for a marathon and not a sprint.

I like it.

Jade Madison Scott is the founder of WGC Productions.

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