Call Me Alvin Ailey Cause I'm Having REVELATIONS.

If you didn't understand the reference in the title, the video above is Alvin Aliey's Revelations. A truly iconic piece of dance history.

Happy New Year! I hope that your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/New Years’ celebrations were safe and fun. Personally, I cooked, wrote, watched movies, read, and knit essentially the entire time and I had a blast. I feel bright and refreshed, like I just took a bath in light, and I’m full of all these ideas and aspirations.

Last Friday, the last episode in On Their Way’s Bonus Season was released (listen here if you haven't already). Chinna Palmer, the guest, spoke about her experience as an actor as well as what she’s learned about the business side of theater. You might have seen it on my Twitter (@jadeMscott) a few days ago if you follow me, but I essentially realized that in this first season of On Their Way I overemphasized racism and the impact it has on my guests and their skills. This behavior really boiled down to the questions that I asked as well as the way that I asked them. I noticed it especially while I was editing Chinna’s episode, because while I asked these questions she subtly, but continually, mentioned that she did not view race as the center of what she does, and it struck me, because neither do I.

Yes, Black Americanism and Racism are often in concert with one another, but racism is not the guiding compass of my art or talent or skill. In fact, I mostly see the assumption that racism is the dominating feature of Black people’s lives from non-Black people. The concept that we are able to exist outside of racialized pain is, unfortunately, still novel to some portions of the population. The fact that I have subconsciously absorbed these misconceptions about my people while consciously recognizing and being annoyed by them, is both interesting and concerning. The reason I recognize these biases about Black people, is because I am a Black person; all of the other subconscious biases I have are floating around unchecked because I don’t know any different. Long story short, that is something I want to be better about in the future seasons of On Their Way, and the future shows that WGC will produce. To refer back to our founding values, I am prepared to be a lifelong learner who fails fast and recovers faster.

Aside from that, I’ve got one other announcement. The Loving Podcast, which you may remember me mentioning in the last blog post, is no longer in production. After some thinking and analysis, I finally accepted the fact that it just wasn’t going to work. I really enjoyed the concept, it was going to be a community project where anyone could be a guest and talk about love as it related to the episode’s topic, but I realized that it wasn’t going to be at the quality that I would have liked. I feel so much lighter, because I was going through it trying to figure out hope to pull everything together in time for it’s release date. Any-who, I’ll keep tossing the general concept around in my head until I find a project where it better fits, but until then R.I.P. TLP.

Lastly, I am starting pre-production for On Their Way season 2 this week so wish me luck! Season 2 debuts February 19th, and it focuses on people from the Tampa Bay area who are on their way to success. I love my hometown and I believe in its infinite potential, so I am deeply excited to interview the many wonderful Tampeños (or Tampanians, it’s a disputed term) who make the Bay area such a wonderful and colorful palace to be.

In season 2, I am aiming to be more focused on the actual mechanics of my guest’s skill during the interviews. I am trying to reach a fun balance of seminar and personal interview. If there is something in particular that you want to hear more of, email me ( or DM me on Twitter or IG (@withgoodco). I really want to make a show that we all enjoy.

Coolio, that’s all I’ve got for this week. I hope that you make many pleasant memories this 2021. Till next week.

Jade Madison Scott (she/her) is the founder of WGC Productions as well as the host of On Their Way.

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