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A photo of Jade Madison Scott in a yellow blazer and multi-colored turtleneck
Hey, it's me, Jade Madison Scott.

Well, the last few days have been rather astonishing haven’t they. I must admit, I’ve been glued to my TV screen since January 6th so not much has been happening in the WGC world for me. High note, I did book my first interview for On Their Way Season 2 so that is something that I’m jazzed about. My first interview is with my best friend, Will Stokes, who is an actor and musician. I've known Will since our freshman year of high school, and seeing how his art and ambition have grown is so wonderful. I’m reaching out to three other people I want for the show later today so wish me luck on that. This season, unlike last season, will have more variety in the people chosen. I don’t want any repeat talents or skills, as I think that people may find it more interesting to hear about a wider coterie of people.

I don’t have much else to say, but one thing that I am trying to do this week to help me on the WGC front is wear professional clothing at home to make myself feel more ready to take on the day. I’ve mostly been wearing pajamas and the like during the pandemic, because it’s not like I’m going anywhere so why dress up? I think, however, my fashion choices are having an impact on my motivation. When I wake up and put on clothes that look like the clothes I wore yesterday and the day before, it starts to feel like one long day and that is a tad disheartening. This morning I got up, took a warm shower, and got myself gussied up in a turtleneck and blazer (as shown above). It honestly feels a bit like cosplay, but it also feels like coming home (ask my friends, they'll tell you I only wear button-ups, turtlenecks, and sweaters in public). Long story short, I think putting on clothes that resemble my pre-pandemic wardrobe will encourage me to keep working when I want to take a mid-day nap. I’ll tell you guys next week if it works.

Jade Madison Scott (she/her) is the founder of WGC Productions.

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