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Hosted by Jade Madison Scott, On Their Way interviews up-and-coming professionals who are on their way to success. Made for anybody who has just started their journey, On Their Way strives to provide a sense of community. After all, it's hard to be great when you feel alone. 

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After seven months of brutal drought, Terra McHale, a beleaguered farmer, discovers the answer to ending the drought lies with the town pariah, Willow Gravis. But Terra quickly discovers there is more to Willow and the town than she knew.

Logo Artist: Julia Patrick   Director: Cole Burkhardt (@KingColeMiner)  Writer: Jade Madison Scott (@JadeMScott)

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A recently recovered drug addict tries to start her new lease on life, too bad life has it out for her. This dramatic comedy follows Marisol through the ups and downs of a week in her life. World Premiere Febraury 1, 2022

Logo Artist: Julia Patrick   Director: Nathan Gabriel   Writer: Jade Madison Scott (@JadeMScott)